Jackie Carson - Operations Manager

How Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

Jackie Carson has a wealth of experience working in recruitment. In 1998 she joined AYS Recruitment in the South West and worked in the Exeter branch, building the brand and developing the Office and Industrial business with the supply of Temporary and Permanent staff to local Companies.

In 2002, the Wise Recruitment Group acquired AYS and since then, Jackie has not had a chance to look back!

From Exeter, Jackie was sent to open the Taunton Branch and within a year had won an award for turning the branch into profit, supplying over 100 Temporaries out in the market place.

In 2006, Jackie gained the position of Area Business Development Manager in the South West and worked across Devon and Cornwall supporting branches by developing strong working relationships with larger employers.

2008 saw the Wise Recruitment Group further expand with the acquisition of Smart Recruitment Group, adding further branches on the Dorset coast. Jackie was sent on a project to assist with the integration of Smart into the Wise Group by working closely with the management team in Smart and covering maternity leave in the Poole branch.

After a very successful year, Jackie returned to the South West as Area Manager, supporting the local branches.

In 2013, Jackie was promoted to Operations Manager for Wise Employment and took on the responsibilty of supporting the 5 branches in the Devon and Cornwall areas.

We asked Jackie...

"What is one of your funniest experiences whilst working for Wise?"

"I was asked by Somerset College of Art and Technology to pop over for an informal chat with a group of Students. It was to run through how to prepare for entering onto the job market. Well, the day came and I arrived at the College. I was greeted and taken through to the Auditorium! It was full of thousands of Students who were eagerly awaiting my lecture!"

"Talk about shocked! Well, I needed to think on my feet as I had only brought a few little handouts! I asked the Auditorium how they prepared for an all important date. Students started calling out about make up, hair, what to wear etc. I told them that it was exactly the same when preparing for an interview. It ended up being a very enjoyable experience and I must have done something right, as they asked if I would come back and do it all again!"

"Another story... There was this Business and Trade Exhibition in Torquay and a Company had asked for us to supply two people on their stand. The Company manufactured water beds. Unfortunately, only one of the Temporaries turned up for work, so I decided to step in. I was being asked all sorts of questions about how wobbly the beds were and if they were safe. So, in stockinged feet I demonstrated the bed by attempting to jump up and down on it and, in fact, how supportive they are when lying down... I think the Company was actually quite pleased with me as the orders came flooding in!"

"Why did you choose a career in recruitment?"

"I didn't! I walked into a recruitment agency to register for work, and by the time I came to leave had been offered the opportunity to join them. I didn't even know what a recruitment Company did, but I soon found out! Having accepted, I started on Monday and by the Friday the Manager had left. I had the choice of sinking or swimming so I decided to swim! I haven't looked back since that day."

"What is the most challenging part of you role?"

"Most definitely finding the right people, who have all the right attributes to be a "good Consultant". The market changes often, and therefore, our skills have to change with the market. People don't realise how tough it is until you join. It's a marmite job..you either love it or hate it! Incredibly demanding, you need to multitask and spin on a penny to deliver targets that you are set."

"Why have you stayed with the Wise Recruitment Group for so long?"

"This is simple. You have to believe in the Company you work for and share the same values. I do. We are honest, trustworthy and passionate about what we do. The Owner Directors, Janet and Keith, are excellent at recognising peoples strengths, and this is what happened to me. My strengths are project work and I have been given lots of projects over the last 12 years to work on! This has not only meant that I have enjoyed a long career with Wise, but also, most certainly, given me the variety that I've always craved."

"What was the first vacancy you ever filled?"

"I actually thought it was a wind up call. A Client rang and asked me for a frogman to mend pools underwater. I burst out laughing and then realised they were being serious! I filled it with an experienced person. It taught me a lesson...I would never realise how many different jobs there are out there!"